I have no idea what I will do to get myself out of this runt that am currently in, this year has also been the most challenging when it comes to finances, I keep getting myself in extreme debts and I have no way  of getting myself out of the situation. most of us blame it on the Economy, But is it really the economies fault that I purchase more stuff that I need, that I leave way-beyond my means that I  impulse buy, and especially on movies. how many times will I keep promising that I wont spend money on movies and I keep going back on my own word.

My current situation is dire,

I have Kes 50 shilling left in my account,

in debts I have a lot more,

  • Starting with a mshwari loan of Kes 6,450
  • A HELB loan of Kes 156,724
  • a Sacco loan of Kes 158,058
  • a Shamba loan of Kes 275,000
  • in total I need to have Kes 596,232

in the sum amount I haven’t added my credit card and the amount which I think should be around 20000 that I own

I still have to pay rent pay for transport to work and also food and basic needs.

I have no idea where am gong to get my money from , or how am going to clear my debts and live debt free, but I know that I have to do something quick since my baby is coming soon and with all the deductions that my account has is facing right now I will not be able to raise the baby and take care of the finances correctly.

Am going to do a lot of trial and errors and document which works and which doesn’t, plus any more debts that I came across

Wish me luck, 

As Always Lex


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