when you meet the guy

when you meet that guy, and he is your ideal and you can talk to him about everything, he laughs at your joke and listens when you talk the kind of guy who you wouldn’t find him looking at your boobs instead of your eyes, he is polite, kind and makes you laugh and you feel very comfortable being yourself around him.

it doesn’t matter if he is taking things too slow, for as long as by the end of the day the two of you have met and talked about everything and nothing in particular. he opens up about his life and mishaps.

He tells you he is engaged and will get married soon. and you are not really bother not because  you don’t think that the two of you will make it happen, but because you really want him to be happy and  would wish him all the best.

you may say I have a crush, but to me I have a friend, and am loving the feeling

As Always Lex


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