Day 3:What you need to know about breastfeeding

Breastfeeding is very important for our kids. Hence its very important for us  to try and ensure we have sufficient milk for them. So below are some lesson I have learnt .
1.While still pregnant ensure that you massage your nipples while showering so that, they protrude and are not sunken. Sunken nipples are hard for the baby to suckle immediately after birth. My doctor told me that at 20 weeks you can  use a breast pump to pull the nipple or an even better method is to have your boyfriend or husband play with it.
2. After childbirth ensure that the baby tries to suckle. Everyone is different:  there are those who will be able to have milk immediately and there are those who will struggle for a while. Whichever the situation. Drink a lot of hot liquids (it aids in milk production), and they say milk production is in your head so ensure that psychologically and mentally you are prepared to breastfeed.
3. Since its your first time to breast feed you may have issues with cracked nipples so ensure the doctors show you the best posture, and breast feeding position to use. If you do get the cracked nipples dont stop breastfeeding the baby no matter how painful it is. If you stop breastfeeding the breast may have more un-reversible conditions.
As a method of treatment, wash your breast with warm water and apply some Vaseline after every feeding and you will be better in no time.
4. Nutrition is important.  Ensure that you eat a balanced diet. Am not sure if there is any correlation between food and milk, but eat as much as possible. Everyone is different there are those who claim that black beans(njahi) is very good with milk production, some say sugarcane, porridge, oxtail soup, Hot cocoa. Find what works for you and consume it in plenty.

There is nothing as bad a knowing that you dont have enough milk to satisfy your baby, you feel like you have already started failing as a mother. Everyday is a learning day, and you will rarely find a day that is similar to the other. Ensure that you eat what you have to, drink all the liquids you can get, and most important maintain a stress free mind, and milk production will increase.

Kindly share any other method that can be used to stimulate milk production.



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