Breast Milk, Nan And Pawpaw

Am not sure if I have forgiven myself yet. There is nothing as painful as knowing that I can’t give my son  what he needs. We all know that its advisable to exclusively breastfeed your child for six months but not all women are able to get that far..
I started Xander on formula when he was 2 days old, since what little milk I have didn’t satisfy him.. When someone asks me why am not pumping and I tell them I dont have enough milk they  are harsh and look at me as if am a bad mother whose not giving her son what he needs….
I have tried everything from njahi, to oxtail soup,a herb called moringa, porridge, traditional vegetables. Tea ,cocoa, chocolate. Breast feeding every three hours and still nothing…
Am lucky since he has no allergy and has really grown, At two month I started him on pawpaw and he still responded well. Am still giving him pawpaw , formula and breast milk at night.

Its now almost four months and I am trying to introduce him to  other foods so that he can supplement on the nutrients that he needs. So this week it’s apple and carrot puree.

Post on how I made them and Xanders response on the food





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