The Schick Razor Experience


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Hygiene is fundamental for every  woman, and we all go through different rituals to ensure that our armpits  are hairless and odourless and our legs smooth

I have tried my hand on a different types of Gillette and shaving creams but they didn’t make me feel comfortable i was either itchy and my pits started darkening ie until i finally bought Schick silk effect +.


It goes for around ksh 500 at Tuskys and comes with two razor refill

a suction shower holder

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a comfort strip to reduce on the irritation

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Every time I shave my skin is left feeling soft,  and it doesn’t give me any irritation, the price might be a little high compared to the other razors but its worth every penny plus you have two refills so they will last longer than the other razors

when the provided two razors refills are depleted, you can always  go back to the supermarket and  purchase the refills

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BTW it’s also a very unique bridal shower present





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