Help me understand!

I have been racking my head for months trying to find a reason that will come close to justifying their behavior but I have been unable to.

The reason; they have no other choice doesn’t seem to make sense.

Its has become a norm in  Nairobi to see women with infants on street corners asking for donations.
I hope I won’t sound judgemental, or harsh, and I know from experience every single mother passes through that stage where they feel desperate. There are bills that have to be paid, your baby has to eat, dress, you need to buy diapers ! So I understand the need to go out and earn that extra coin.

What am not clear about is why bring your kids with you. My parents always remind me that they raised us to be better than them, to surpass them.

So the fact that as a mother you will be very okey  bringing your infant child who is not more than a year old and sit in the cold Nairobi streets waiting for strangers to drop something in the donation cup is very disturbing.

Why does it seem okey to you , for your kids to accept that they only need hand-outs to make it to end months. Why don’t you want your child to grow up knowing that you can work for everything that you desire. It won’t be easy, but you can get to where you want to be.

What will happens when you are older and your daughter and granddaughter are seated in the same corner that you raised her ?

Will you be okey with that?

At this day and age there are so many things you can do that will still earn you that extra coin that you are looking for. Wash clothes, decide to be a part time DM and even if you will still decide to seat around the whole day and wait for hand-outs. Then don’t let you children know that you do it.

Let them grow up knowing that their mum worked her ass off to give them, the little that they have.

In return you will raise children who are hard working, who are determined to get everything that they need in life, and definitely make your life better.



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