Right Now Is The Time

Commitment and consistency are what you need to succeed. Committed to your goals, no more excuses and consistency in achieving, every goal that you set forth. Right now is the time that you stop thinking about it and make a decision. Right now is the time you act, you stop giving yourself excuses. Today is …


No Excuses.

“If you really want to do it, you do it. There are no excuses.” —Bruce Nauman Have you already started working on any of the new year resolutions that you set? For most of us, we are waiting for the stars to align; for us to get that job, buy that pair of running shoes. In …


I hate getting mad, I hate the fact that people are always scared of my tempers. That they always expect me to over-react, get violent, to hit back. Am not an angry person, I just hate being disappointed and people taking advantage of me; people who make me feel that am not worth it, that I …

Life Updates

Its been a while since i last posted,  Xander and i are both fine, We are almost 10 months, He love yogurt, and watching ChuChu TV. He a very happy child always smiling and laughing. he learnt how to start just the other day, so we are still not able to crawl or walk. I …


We have been trying out new things and so far he likes variety. change the contents of the meal  after every three days and he will  not be fussy about it. on Sunday I made him Beet and carrot puree, and he really enjoyed it Ingredients,  5 medium sized carrots. a small piece of beet …

10 practical knowledge on weaning in Kenya.

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Recommended age by most medical Institutions and in Kenya to start weaning is 6 months.

However, to live in the real world, many people start weaning as early as three months due to a myriad reasons like inadequate breast milk, cannot afford formula or child does not seem to get satisfied. These people should not be condemned at all but be encouraged to do it in a healthy step-by-step way.

This is an example of a practical way to wean a child. Please note that foods suggested are locally available and affordable foods. One can substitute with their locally available foods or culturally recommended food in the same food groups.

1) 1-3 months  

Try as much as possible to breastfeed exclusively.

If that is not possible, then buy infant formula up to 9 months to 1 year of age.food1

If cost is an issue, then discuss with your well…

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