Baby Food: Carrot and Spinach Puree


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It’s very important to me that Xander grows up appreciating different and unique tastes. So yesterday I made him Carrot and Spinach puree, since he has always loved carrots he really enjoyed the meal.


  • 5 small carrots
  • 1 spinach leave


  • Peel and chop the carrots into small sizes

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  • Stem both the spinach and carrots ( separately)
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  • Place them in a blender and blend until fine.

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I was able to get Three portions for Xander to eat.





The Schick Razor Experience


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Hygiene is fundamental for every  woman, and we all go through different rituals to ensure that our armpits  are hairless and odourless and our legs smooth

I have tried my hand on a different types of Gillette and shaving creams but they didn’t make me feel comfortable i was either itchy and my pits started darkening ie until i finally bought Schick silk effect +.


It goes for around ksh 500 at Tuskys and comes with two razor refill

a suction shower holder

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a comfort strip to reduce on the irritation

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Every time I shave my skin is left feeling soft,  and it doesn’t give me any irritation, the price might be a little high compared to the other razors but its worth every penny plus you have two refills so they will last longer than the other razors

when the provided two razors refills are depleted, you can always  go back to the supermarket and  purchase the refills

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BTW it’s also a very unique bridal shower present




The first laugh

Every parent lives for the milestones that their child goes through. And yesterday evening i was able to experience one of the many milestones that my son will go through.

He laughed, with sound and it was amazing, and shocking at the same time. I had gotten used to him opening his mouth and no sound coming out.. I have never felt more proud.

Motherhood is not easy but when your child  grows up to do the little things that show he is okay and healthy you feel a sense of hope. Hope that you will have better days ahead.

You are more determined to do what it takes to ensure that he won’t luck anything in his entire life..

You are thankful to God for the time that he has already given both of you and you pray that  you will be able to live to see him married, successful with children..



Three months down the line

Its three months since I delivered and I count every day as a blessing.  Am officially a mother of a handsome boy, he is so cute and looks nothing like the father.

Motherhood is amazing, I wake up being more and more motivated to work hard so that I can provide for him.

I am still doing some DIYs will post the paintings that I have done soon.

Savings, I have increased a little money wise am spending a little more every day and am still making my monthly charges.

Best idea ever, ask around where people do their shopping you might end up finding a very cheap place to do your shopping.

Food wise, am cooking Alot and really trying to eat healthy meals

Am a few sizes big so am working on a new comfortable wardrobe.

The year is still young and am kicking butt


Day 3:What you need to know about breastfeeding

Breastfeeding is very important for our kids. Hence its very important for us  to try and ensure we have sufficient milk for them. So below are some lesson I have learnt .
1.While still pregnant ensure that you massage your nipples while showering so that, they protrude and are not sunken. Sunken nipples are hard for the baby to suckle immediately after birth. My doctor told me that at 20 weeks you can  use a breast pump to pull the nipple or an even better method is to have your boyfriend or husband play with it.
2. After childbirth ensure that the baby tries to suckle. Everyone is different:  there are those who will be able to have milk immediately and there are those who will struggle for a while. Whichever the situation. Drink a lot of hot liquids (it aids in milk production), and they say milk production is in your head so ensure that psychologically and mentally you are prepared to breastfeed.
3. Since its your first time to breast feed you may have issues with cracked nipples so ensure the doctors show you the best posture, and breast feeding position to use. If you do get the cracked nipples dont stop breastfeeding the baby no matter how painful it is. If you stop breastfeeding the breast may have more un-reversible conditions.
As a method of treatment, wash your breast with warm water and apply some Vaseline after every feeding and you will be better in no time.
4. Nutrition is important.  Ensure that you eat a balanced diet. Am not sure if there is any correlation between food and milk, but eat as much as possible. Everyone is different there are those who claim that black beans(njahi) is very good with milk production, some say sugarcane, porridge, oxtail soup, Hot cocoa. Find what works for you and consume it in plenty.

There is nothing as bad a knowing that you dont have enough milk to satisfy your baby, you feel like you have already started failing as a mother. Everyday is a learning day, and you will rarely find a day that is similar to the other. Ensure that you eat what you have to, drink all the liquids you can get, and most important maintain a stress free mind, and milk production will increase.

Kindly share any other method that can be used to stimulate milk production.


Working Towards a Debt free life

My plans towards a Debt Free Life :Debt can be a really downer, at the end of the month the amount of money that goes to paying of your debt is more than your salary and you have to acquire more debt for you to survive the coming month.

Before I got employed I remember saying that I will NEVER take a loan and will NEVER get  into debt, but right now am drowning. The year has ended and I intend to reduce the amount of debt I have or at least pay off all of it by the end of the year 2016.

While looking for Methods that I can use to be debt free I have stumbled upon several on monitoring your spending and putting all the extra amount into an emergency fund and debt payment, some on snowballing your repayments i.e. paying off your least debt first while others on paying of the debts with highest interest rate first. All these methods have worked for different people, I just have to decide on one that will work for me.

Debt Categorisation: Categorise all your debts in a notebook; indicating the amount of debt that you have , the interest rate and the minimum repayment amount.

This will help in, the order of repayment your will choose i.e. (Snowball or High Interest rate)

Calculate the amount of money that you can spare every month; At first you may have very little to spare, but little is better than nothing.

Your calculations should include the amount of money you get, your monthly deduction (rent, food, transport) and also the minimum amount of money you need to repay.

After finalising the calculations the extra amount should go to debt repayment.

I will use the snowball Method and clear the least amount of debt first, then concentrate on the next loan on my list  while placing the minimum payments + the excess amount into clearing the specific debt

I hope I will be strong enough to stick to a budget, and put all the extra amount into my emergency fund and debt repayment, so that i can attain the Debt free life that I crave.

BTW: Just found out that other than the Ksh 5,000 penalty you get from HELB  for  lack of payment there is also an interest rate of 4%pm that is charged on the loan. Apparently I now owe Ksh 156,724 and not Ksh 108, 000 as I had calculated





Day 1: The Kenyan Traditional Flu medicine

We all have a flu/cold at least once or twice a year, in Kenya we have a traditional concoction that at times works better that medicine.

Its popularly known as Dawa ya Ndimu , its ingredients involve:-

  • Green Lemons,
  • Ginger,
  • Honey
  • Garlic
  • Water



  • Dice the lemon, ginger, and garlic,
  • Place the ingredients in a pan and a glass of cup or two of water, ( the ingredients should be fully submerged)
  • Turn on your stove and let it come to a boil, You should only turn of the Stove after the lemon peel are yellow in colour.
  • The Drink should be served hot with honey to taste.

I was raised, drinking the lemon medicine first before I sort any other Medical attention and so far i can  attest that it really works, a day or true of drinking the concoction and you are back to normal.

Try it out its not only Natural but its also healthy.

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