We have been trying out new things and so far he likes variety. change the contents of the meal  after every three days and he will  not be fussy about it. on Sunday I made him Beet and carrot puree, and he really enjoyed it Ingredients,  5 medium sized carrots. a small piece of beet … Continue reading BEET AND CARROT PUREE


Baby Food: Carrot and Spinach Puree

  It's very important to me that Xander grows up appreciating different and unique tastes. So yesterday I made him Carrot and Spinach puree, since he has always loved carrots he really enjoyed the meal. Requirements 5 small carrots 1 spinach leave Steps Peel and chop the carrots into small sizes Stem both the spinach … Continue reading Baby Food: Carrot and Spinach Puree

Carrot Puree

Its always good to give your child a variety of foods when he is weaning his stomach is able to adapt well. so after two months of Xander feeding on paw-paw, banana and the occasional avocado. I figured it was about time is started diversifying. After alot of goggling I came across  Carrot purées, it was … Continue reading Carrot Puree