Change Your Mindset, Change Your Life

Ever wondered, why you never seem to achieve any of the resolutions that you made! We all aim to change an aspect of our lives every year, but none of us is willing to work hard to attain our dreams or resolutions. We want better-paying jobs but we are not applying for job opportunities; we … Continue reading Change Your Mindset, Change Your Life



I hate getting mad, I hate the fact that people are always scared of my tempers. That they always expect me to over-react, get violent, to hit back. Am not an angry person, I just hate being disappointed and people taking advantage of me; people who make me feel that am not worth it, that I … Continue reading #Determined

Life Updates

Its been a while since i last posted,  Xander and i are both fine, We are almost 10 months, He love yogurt, and watching ChuChu TV. He a very happy child always smiling and laughing. he learnt how to start just the other day, so we are still not able to crawl or walk. I … Continue reading Life Updates

Carrot Puree

Its always good to give your child a variety of foods when he is weaning his stomach is able to adapt well. so after two months of Xander feeding on paw-paw, banana and the occasional avocado. I figured it was about time is started diversifying. After alot of goggling I came across  Carrot purées, it was … Continue reading Carrot Puree