I hate getting mad, I hate the fact that people are always scared of my tempers. That they always expect me to over-react, get violent, to hit back. Am not an angry person, I just hate being disappointed and people taking advantage of me; people who make me feel that am not worth it, that I don’t deserve better, that I cant achieve my goals. I hate myself more for being complacent to their theories, for giving up at any sign of difficulty, for not fighting for what I want, for being silent. No war in life can be won with my mouth shut. Even the greatest activities in the world had to air their view

According to Mel Robbins, your brain takes 5 seconds to convince itself that what you intend to do is not a good idea, I think my brain takes fewer seconds than that.

I want to be the best mother that I can be and I cant do that if I convince myself out of anything that should be working for me; if I keep letting people run my life, to shut me up whenever I want to speak.  Am grown a** woman and it’s about time I took charge of my life.


Life Updates

Its been a while since i last posted,  Xander and i are both fine, We are almost 10 months, He love yogurt, and watching ChuChu TV. He a very happy child always smiling and laughing. he learnt how to start just the other day, so we are still not able to crawl or walk.

I found a wonderful Nanny, she is very good with Xander (I hope she will stay longer than the rest)

Am working hard,hustling harder and being the very best that i can be.  Trying to make ends meet and reduce on cost ( Am now a pro in making Multi-purpose liquid washing soap)

My learning how to take care of My natural hair, by the courtesy of Tricias Naturals, you should follow their page on Facebook.

Will try and be more keen on writing and posting articles on finance,Home decor, Diy, And money saving tips.

As Always



Three months down the line

Its three months since I delivered and I count every day as a blessing.  Am officially a mother of a handsome boy, he is so cute and looks nothing like the father.

Motherhood is amazing, I wake up being more and more motivated to work hard so that I can provide for him.

I am still doing some DIYs will post the paintings that I have done soon.

Savings, I have increased a little money wise am spending a little more every day and am still making my monthly charges.

Best idea ever, ask around where people do their shopping you might end up finding a very cheap place to do your shopping.

Food wise, am cooking Alot and really trying to eat healthy meals

Am a few sizes big so am working on a new comfortable wardrobe.

The year is still young and am kicking butt


The Good

The year so far has been great,

  • I went to Mombasa for a holiday,
  • I got out of my comfort zone and dated a guy without commitments
  • Am going to be a mother very soon
  • Baby shopping is expensive but the baby clothes are too cute to Complain
  • Its a Boy

As always Lex