I hate getting mad, I hate the fact that people are always scared of my tempers. That they always expect me to over-react, get violent, to hit back. Am not an angry person, I just hate being disappointed and people taking advantage of me; people who make me feel that am not worth it, that I …


Life Updates

Its been a while since i last posted,  Xander and i are both fine, We are almost 10 months, He love yogurt, and watching ChuChu TV. He a very happy child always smiling and laughing. he learnt how to start just the other day, so we are still not able to crawl or walk. I …

The Good

The year so far has been great, I went to Mombasa for a holiday, I got out of my comfort zone and dated a guy without commitments Am going to be a mother very soon Baby shopping is expensive but the baby clothes are too cute to Complain Its a Boy As always Lex