Help me understand!

I have been racking my head for months trying to find a reason that will come close to justifying their behavior but I have been unable to. The reason; they have no other choice doesn't seem to make sense. Its has become a norm in  Nairobi to see women with infants on street corners asking … Continue reading Help me understand!


The Schick Razor Experience

  Hygiene is fundamental for every  woman, and we all go through different rituals to ensure that our armpits  are hairless and odourless and our legs smooth I have tried my hand on a different types of Gillette and shaving creams but they didn't make me feel comfortable i was either itchy and my pits … Continue reading The Schick Razor Experience

The Good

The year so far has been great, I went to Mombasa for a holiday, I got out of my comfort zone and dated a guy without commitments Am going to be a mother very soon Baby shopping is expensive but the baby clothes are too cute to Complain Its a Boy As always Lex