Help me understand!

I have been racking my head for months trying to find a reason that will come close to justifying their behavior but I have been unable to.

The reason; they have no other choice doesn’t seem to make sense.

Its has become a norm in  Nairobi to see women with infants on street corners asking for donations.
I hope I won’t sound judgemental, or harsh, and I know from experience every single mother passes through that stage where they feel desperate. There are bills that have to be paid, your baby has to eat, dress, you need to buy diapers ! So I understand the need to go out and earn that extra coin.

What am not clear about is why bring your kids with you. My parents always remind me that they raised us to be better than them, to surpass them.

So the fact that as a mother you will be very okey  bringing your infant child who is not more than a year old and sit in the cold Nairobi streets waiting for strangers to drop something in the donation cup is very disturbing.

Why does it seem okey to you , for your kids to accept that they only need hand-outs to make it to end months. Why don’t you want your child to grow up knowing that you can work for everything that you desire. It won’t be easy, but you can get to where you want to be.

What will happens when you are older and your daughter and granddaughter are seated in the same corner that you raised her ?

Will you be okey with that?

At this day and age there are so many things you can do that will still earn you that extra coin that you are looking for. Wash clothes, decide to be a part time DM and even if you will still decide to seat around the whole day and wait for hand-outs. Then don’t let you children know that you do it.

Let them grow up knowing that their mum worked her ass off to give them, the little that they have.

In return you will raise children who are hard working, who are determined to get everything that they need in life, and definitely make your life better.



The Schick Razor Experience


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Hygiene is fundamental for every  woman, and we all go through different rituals to ensure that our armpits  are hairless and odourless and our legs smooth

I have tried my hand on a different types of Gillette and shaving creams but they didn’t make me feel comfortable i was either itchy and my pits started darkening ie until i finally bought Schick silk effect +.


It goes for around ksh 500 at Tuskys and comes with two razor refill

a suction shower holder

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a comfort strip to reduce on the irritation

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Every time I shave my skin is left feeling soft,  and it doesn’t give me any irritation, the price might be a little high compared to the other razors but its worth every penny plus you have two refills so they will last longer than the other razors

when the provided two razors refills are depleted, you can always  go back to the supermarket and  purchase the refills

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BTW it’s also a very unique bridal shower present




Baby food: Spinach puree

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My son has been eating since he was 2 months old, three months down the line he is teething, and has tried various fruits.

Since formula will only provide him, with the essentials i have been trying to find different foods that will give him the nutrients that he needs to be strong and healthy.

benefits of Spinach include and are not limited to

  • Rich in iron. Iron plays a central role in the function of red blood cells which help in transporting oxygen around the body.
  • Spinach is also an excellent source of vitamin K, vitamin A, vitamin C and folic acid as well as being a good source of manganese, magnesium, iron and vitamin B2.
  • Vitamin K is important for maintaining bone health and it is difficult to find vegetables richer in vitamin K than spinach.


  • Spinach ( 1 Leaf)
  • Paw paw ( 1/2 a small-sized paw paw)
  • 1 banana

produces 3 servings

  • Steam /boil the spinach for 3 mins,
  • After its cool. place it in the blender and add the paw paw and sliced banana
  • blend until its fine.


The extras can be stored in the freezer for use the following day. if not the extras can serve as a green smoothie.

I found this 6 small glass containers with rubber tops that are very good for storing, at tuskys beba beba.

Xander loves it, and has not reacted negatively to the food

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NB: Paw paw and bananas  impoves on the taste while also adding nutrients.



The first laugh

Every parent lives for the milestones that their child goes through. And yesterday evening i was able to experience one of the many milestones that my son will go through.

He laughed, with sound and it was amazing, and shocking at the same time. I had gotten used to him opening his mouth and no sound coming out.. I have never felt more proud.

Motherhood is not easy but when your child  grows up to do the little things that show he is okay and healthy you feel a sense of hope. Hope that you will have better days ahead.

You are more determined to do what it takes to ensure that he won’t luck anything in his entire life..

You are thankful to God for the time that he has already given both of you and you pray that  you will be able to live to see him married, successful with children..



Three months down the line

Its three months since I delivered and I count every day as a blessing.  Am officially a mother of a handsome boy, he is so cute and looks nothing like the father.

Motherhood is amazing, I wake up being more and more motivated to work hard so that I can provide for him.

I am still doing some DIYs will post the paintings that I have done soon.

Savings, I have increased a little money wise am spending a little more every day and am still making my monthly charges.

Best idea ever, ask around where people do their shopping you might end up finding a very cheap place to do your shopping.

Food wise, am cooking Alot and really trying to eat healthy meals

Am a few sizes big so am working on a new comfortable wardrobe.

The year is still young and am kicking butt


when you meet the guy

when you meet that guy, and he is your ideal and you can talk to him about everything, he laughs at your joke and listens when you talk the kind of guy who you wouldn’t find him looking at your boobs instead of your eyes, he is polite, kind and makes you laugh and you feel very comfortable being yourself around him.

it doesn’t matter if he is taking things too slow, for as long as by the end of the day the two of you have met and talked about everything and nothing in particular. he opens up about his life and mishaps.

He tells you he is engaged and will get married soon. and you are not really bother not because  you don’t think that the two of you will make it happen, but because you really want him to be happy and  would wish him all the best.

you may say I have a crush, but to me I have a friend, and am loving the feeling

As Always Lex

The Good

The year so far has been great,

  • I went to Mombasa for a holiday,
  • I got out of my comfort zone and dated a guy without commitments
  • Am going to be a mother very soon
  • Baby shopping is expensive but the baby clothes are too cute to Complain
  • Its a Boy

As always Lex