Baby food: Spinach puree

My son has been eating since he was 2 months old, three months down the line he is teething, and has tried various fruits. Since formula will only provide him, with the essentials i have been trying to find different foods that will give him the nutrients that he needs to be strong and healthy. benefits … Continue reading Baby food: Spinach puree


The first laugh

Every parent lives for the milestones that their child goes through. And yesterday evening i was able to experience one of the many milestones that my son will go through. He laughed, with sound and it was amazing, and shocking at the same time. I had gotten used to him opening his mouth and no … Continue reading The first laugh

Carrot Puree

Its always good to give your child a variety of foods when he is weaning his stomach is able to adapt well. so after two months of Xander feeding on paw-paw, banana and the occasional avocado. I figured it was about time is started diversifying. After alot of goggling I came across  Carrot purées, it was … Continue reading Carrot Puree


I Love being a mother I cant find a better and fulfilling motivation in life than Xander. am grateful for having a healthy baby, I love it when he smiles and laughs at me Still working on finding an extra income My nanny Rose is the very best. she is really good with Xander and … Continue reading SUM UP #1